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Why escort agencies get targetted

When escort agencies are targeted by criminals, it can feel like there is no help available. We know that there is a lot of competition with local rival gangs and owners. The most established escort agencies, who appear to be making the most money can be extorted, blackmailed or threatened. Under normal circumstances, an escort agency owner would call the police.  

The problem is; escort agencies in the UK are illegal. Therefore, how can an illegal business go to the authorities and make a statement. “We are making illegal money, living off immoral earning from escorts, but we have been robbed by our competitors. Particularly those who run brothels, massage parlours or incalls are easy targets. Because the escorts are all in one fixed location. Therefore, many escort agency owners are easily targeted by thieves and robbers.  

Typical acts that are committed are; threatening phone calls to phone staff. False bookings to waste time. False bookings where the escort is targeted on arrival. Masked gun men entering brothels with threatening behaviour until money is handed over. Extortion. Blackmail. Dirty tricks to un-stabilize the business. To bring worry and concern to escorts. When escorts are scared to work, the competitors have won. Hackers who attack escort agency websites. This can be taking the website off line, pointing the website to another page or D´doss attack. Also, the fact that escort agencies are secretive businesses, many people are easy targets of blackmails because they don’t want friends or family finding out.  

Because of the fear, escort agency owners contact local gangs and pay them for protection. Very often, escort agency owners are ex-working girls, ex-escorts or previous clients. They are simply normal people with an understanding and experience of the adult industry.  

If the law changed, escort agencies who were targeted by violent criminals could go to the police for protection. It is the law that forces escort agency owners to deal with their own problems and issues. It is the law that forces escort agencies to protect their own girls. Until escort agencies are regulated and decriminalised, they will always be easy targets for the real criminals.